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♂ Reasons why you should get more sex ♀

get more sex

Sex is great: it creates relationships, it mends broken ones, and it reignites the burning flame of love in dormant marriages. Sex is like pizza, even when it’s bad it still fills you up and satisfies your hunger, but contrary to the famous Italian pie, sex burns calories. Sex cures depression and is a proven cancer fighter. It gets rid of insomnia and the extra pounds around your midriff.

There are thousands of excuses to get down and dirty right now. If you are not yet convinced, gratify your prudish mind with these extra reasons to get between the sheets:

Sex improves your health

Do you know how people used to cure common colds before aspirin was invented? They did it by having sex. That's right! Your great-grandfather may have been the accidental result of his dad having a high fever on a cold, winter night.

Scientists have discovered that having intercourse can increase the level of antibodies produced by your immune system, and therefore heal minor health issues. So, if you start sneezing and coughing, ask your partner for some “natural remedies” before opening the medicine cabinet.

Sex gets you both high and low

Orgasmic sex releases a lot of endorphins in our brains, giving us a natural feeling of being high and ecstatic. We all know that fact by now, some of the experience and some unfortunate ones from books only.

A new medical study has revealed that people who struggle with high blood pressure can improve their condition and balance their systolic system through sex. Therefore, if you feel your heart pumping fast and your head getting dizzy, you should apply for a quickie from your significant other instead of making a doctor’s appointment.

Sex restores your youthful looks

When the aging process takes its toll, and you get symptoms like saggy skin, dark circles and wrinkles, you are ready to pay any price just to look young again. Before wasting your money on cream treatments and herbal remedies, you might want to try a more cost-effective solution.

Recent research shows that the chemicals released by the body during sex can improve your appearance. Intercourse increases your body's production of new cells and collagen, which tightens your skin and help you gain a much brighter complexion. As it turns out, daily love-making is the only well of eternal youth that you have to take a dip in.

Sex builds self-esteem

Do you lack the confidence to get a better job or to improve your life? If so, you might be surprised to find out that the answer is not your lack of money, skills or connections, but the lack of sex in your life.

Intercourse boosts self-esteem and makes an individual feel like taking over the world is a piece of cake. This feeling is possible due to a significant amount of dopamine released by your brain during sex. Medical surveys have shown that people were more willing and able to overcome the obstacles in their lives once love-making became a constant of their lifestyles.

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