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Depression has been labeled as “the disease of the 21st century.” Scientists believe that this medical disorder occurs because many people encounter serious problems in their love lives. The promises of a real romance that most individuals receive through fairy tales or movies when they are children quickly get scattered away by the harsh realities of adult life. Nevertheless, there is still hope that you can achieve true happiness and get a better love life with small steps like these:

Sex or love

First things first: you have to decide what you want! If you are only looking for sexual encounters, then you must discard any romantic fantasies you have secretly brewed during your lonely nights. Sex is easy to obtain, and there is an entire industry that can provide you with the hottest women you can think of. On the other hand, romance is hard to get, and it requires time, commitment and passion. Love does not come easy, so be prepared to work harder than you would usually do for your sex flings.

Ways of meeting possible partners

The first step is usually the hardest part in everything you do. When it comes to getting a better love life, this first phase requires you to get out of your comfort zone and try your hand at new experiences. You will have to get out of the house and into clubs, bars, and concert halls more often. Courses, parties, and even book clubs can reveal substantial opportunities of finding true romance. Internet dating is also popular nowadays, and you can spend a few days chatting online with several potential partners before deciding who you want to meet in real life.

Go straight to the point

If experience has taught you anything is that beating around the bush will only waste time and resources. Once you find someone you are genuinely interested in, you need to skip the small talk and go straight to the point. This strategy requires boldness and determination, two traits that your future partner may be very attracted to. However, you must be careful not to spill all the beans from the very first meeting. Show your interest firmly and directly, but do not overwhelm your date with the avalanche of feelings you are developing for them.

Be yourself!

You have probably already heard this advice a million times, yet it is one of the most original and best councils you can embrace to get a better love life. Many potential romances go to waste because one of the partners pretends to be somebody else. The real you is your best weapon of attraction, and an experienced partner will know immediately if you are faking your true persona. Let the other one discover what you are truly about, and do not try to fool them by posing as someone else.

Make your goals known to the other

After being a few months in a romantic relationship, you need to establish a few guidelines with your partner. Let them see what you are looking for in your life, whether it is marriage or a childless long-term relationship. Find out what personal goals they have, and try to find a way to bind them together for your common happiness.

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