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We are rebooting the podcast and releasing a couple of older episodes that we recorded, but never released. In this episode, we review a great lifestyle club in the Dallas/Fort Worth area called “PlayersDFW”.

Couple In Bed

Get back your confidence in the bedroom with SizeGenetics

What is good sex? Is it when the intimate connection between the couple is strongly evident or is it cause by foreplay and desire? But there's one fact people can never deny, the size of a man's penis defines the pleasure that both parties feel during sex.

What if your manhood is smaller than the average size? You must feel the pressure every time your significant other asks for a session in bed! Well, you don't have to worry because SizeGenetics aids men who are distress on the issues concerning one's penis.

Men are more likely to feel anxious and insecure about how a woman reacts to their genital's appearance. In turn, this feeling can make the performance unenjoyable to both.

The best solution for better sex

The mental state of a person can affect their performance on their day to day life. This explains why men who worry about their penis size are more likely to be the one who can't perform excellently in bed.

One solution is not to bother about what your partner thinks about your manhood or the thought of her disliking the sexual experience. But let's face it, most of the time we can't avoid worrying about this issue!

So, what's the best alternative? The surgical method is out of the question because it's not only expensive, but it can react negatively in your body. Well, have you heard of SizeGenetics? This is a natural method of enhancing your penis size to its optimum length!

How is that possible? This product focuses on stretching the muscles of your genital area which mainly involves cell activation in your body. Through this, your size will noticeably grow twice as larger and faster than before! You will no longer feel insecure!

Girl ADHD sufferer

The romantic life of an ADHD sufferer

Living with ADHD isn’t easier. If you aren’t affected by the condition, but your partner is, your life together will have ups and downs. Sometimes, the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder will impact the communication, social skills, and empathy between the partners. With Synaptol from, the unpleasant symptoms will be reduced safely. Read more about the romantic life of an ADHD sufferer.

The ADHD effect on your relationships

You’re probably here because the love of your life has ADHD. You notice every day the symptoms. Your partner is forgetful, they don’t seem to listen to what you say, and are often distracted. If you already have children together, the struggle is accentuated. Even the most loving partnership can falter due to the difficulties encountered on your path. You have to understand ADHD and be supportive so that you can have a happy and healthy relationship.

When your partner dreams too much, is too talkative and has difficulty getting along with others, they have ADHD. Based on the information published on, the symptoms and their severity can change over time. There will be times when you will have the full support of your lover, but other times they will be absent in your life. Make sure that they take their medication to keep their symptoms under control!

Benefits of Synaptol for ADHD sufferers

As soon as they start taking their meds, the individuals with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder will become more attentive and listen to you more than before. They will be involved, help you around the house, and communicate with you as they should. The natural ingredients included in Synaptol’s composition will relieve the ADHD signs and make your romantic life happier than it used to be.

When you take your Synaptol treatment on a daily basis, you forget less and are more present in the real world. You reduce the impulsive shopping, remember to perform the daily tasks, and listen to your partner more than before. Due to the homeopathic formula of Synaptol, you will start looking for the good in your life together, accept the imperfections, and slow down the pace. Where are you running, anyway?

Secrets to a happy romantic life

Stop looking for excuses. If you take Synaptol according to the instructions, you will no longer feel bored in your relationship. Fooling around with other people and proposing your partner to try swinging will not help you to bond a stronger relationship. Sometimes, it can affect your life together. Make the decisions together, be on the same team, and stop criticizing all day long. Why don’t you both practice compassion? Prioritize your conflicts, have small romantic gestures that will surprise your partner and bring back the love in your routine.

The romantic life of an ADHD sufferer will improve soon after starting the treatment with Synaptol. Spice up things in bed and try swinging, if you can live with the consequences. Are you willing to share your life partner with others? Love each other again, talk about how your day went, and overcome your obstacles together. In a few months, you will learn how to live peacefully with ADHD.

happy couples

Secrets of happy couples and their sex life

What do you have to do to live happily ever after with your significant other? People have been asking this question for centuries, but a definite answer has yet to be found. Fortunately, a recent survey that asked lifetime couples on their longevity has revealed some truly astounding secrets. Here they are:

Maintain an active sex life

The divorce rate nowadays is staggering. More and more couples admit that they have lost the spark that binds them together so thoroughly in the beginning. When they visit the couple counselor, most of them blame the lack of sex in their life, and how this aspect destroys all their excitement and lust for living.

On the other hand, partners that maintain a relationship for decades in a row believe that sex is essential to couple longevity. Their advice is to embrace the sexual metamorphosis that takes place naturally. Sex in your 20s is very different from the usual intercourse you will be having when you’re 45.

You need to consider the many ways that your body will change and the fact that both your libido and the sexual lust of your partner will oscillate. Constant change to your usual sex life will help you overcome these issues.

Less sex doesn’t have to be bad sex

It is natural for long-term couples to experience dry spells. It might seem weird now, but you might reach the point where you only have sex once every two months. Most couples go through these experiences, and you should not take them to your heart. The ideal thing to do is to give it your best every time you get in between the sheets with your partner, no matter how rarely this happens. This practice will increase your libido and make your loved one desire you more.

Don’t let the small things destroy your happiness

It’s a fact: people change, and so do their preferences. The things that used to turn you on ten years ago could seem gross and repel you now. All couples get to live this kind of experience, as each partner transcends through natural changes. The best thing to do is to embrace the "new you" and what your partner becomes over the years, and not to let this fact damage your happiness and your true feelings. In fact, you can even use them to your advantage and introduce new fetishes and fantasies to your sex life.

Take a break from the couple lifestyle

Many couples get carried away during their long-term relationship and lose focus on what makes them truly happy. Whether it is their jobs, their kids or their mortgage loans, something always dims the flame of their burning love. When you notice this thing happening in your life, you need to take immediate action.

The best solution to a worn-out relationship is to do the opposite things that most couples do: going through counseling or finding isolation in their working careers. Instead, you should take a break from everything, go on a lengthy vacation, and allow for new experiences to bring you back together and usher in a new era of happiness in your relationship.

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