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Ep 20 – Podcast Killed The Radio Star

15 Mar

We share a recent radio interview that we did about swinging on a local radio station, the Dudley & Bob Show on KLBJ-FM, 93.7.


KLBJ-FM 93.7

Dudley & Bob Show

Taint & Teabag Podcast


19 Jan

Today, on Episode 19, we updated our old review from Episode 6 of a popular swing club called “PlayersATX” in Austin, TX.  We give it a rating of “4 Cocks Up!”  Listen to the review here.

Check out PlayersATX.

Ep 19 – Looking For A Four-Way On-Ramp

19 Jan

Looking For A Four-Way On-Ramp

We catch up on what we’ve been up to since we last podcasted, do a review of our local swing club, and talk about our frustrations and difficulties in finding four-way chemistry with some couples.


Swingercast Podcast

Desire Cancun


Walk And Roll Blog

Hitler Hates Kasidie!

24 Oct

Great video. Had us giggling over and over, because it is so true!  If you’d like to check out Kasidie for yourself, check it out here:

Kampaign 4 Kasidie

Welcome to LifeStyleLives!

21 Oct

We want to take some time each episode, to feature some of our listeners.  So, here you’ll find the profiles that we put up with each episode.  If you’re interested in being featured in LifeStyleLives on one of our episodes, email us at and let us know you’re interested. We’ll send you the interview questions and get it all set up.  You can also call and leave an audio snippet on our LSL voicemail line at:

(512) 67SWING (677-9464)

Ep 18 – I’ve Gotta Feelin’

21 Oct

We talk about the role Expectations can play in swinging experiences and how we’ve learned to deal with them over the last year.


SwapFu Podcast

Ep 17 – BBB VI Weekend Recap

14 Aug

Image courtesy of "Jay N Angie"

We talk about our experiences at the annual Butts, Boobs, & Boats event that took place in July 2011 in Austin, TX.


Butts, Boobs, and Boats

Ep 16 – Friends With Benefits

20 Jul

Friends With Benefits

In this episode, we talk about a great new couple that we’ve met and our journey towards becoming “Friends With Benefits” with them.

Note: You’ll notice that we were interrupted several times during our recording of this episode. I’d normally edit those out as seamless transitions, but it almost got comical, due to the difficulties we’ve had getting to record lately, so I left them in for giggles.

Ep 15 – BBB VI Interview

23 May

boobs and wristbands

In this episode, we spend some time interviewing Carl and Chris from about the yearly lifestyle event that takes place in Austin every year in July.

Show Links:

Austin Bottle Service

Bedpost Confessions

Ep 14 – Desire 2011 – Always Knock Twice

25 Apr

always knock twice

We recently returned from our first trip to Desire Cancun with Swingercast and we share some of the more intimate stories and impressions from our trip.