Desire: T-minus 5 days

28 Mar

Mexican Beach

After a day like today, I cannot wait even more to be sitting on a beach bed with a drink in my hand, surrounded by tons of fun (and naked) people!  Let’s see, we still have a TON of stuff to get done in these 5 days.  Dani is almost packed, but I haven’t packed a thing yet.  We have our costumes mostly ready for the theme nights and I think we’ve bought most of what we need to take with us.

I went to the bank today to get our cash for any extra things we might need and to pay for our awesome couple’s massage that we plan to do with Claudia. Now, we just need to get fully packed and clean up the house in preparation for the kid’s grandparents to come stay with them while we’re gone. That includes hiding some select items and making sure we have enough food on hand to feed the kids while we’re gone.

Ah, so many things to get done this week and the tease of next week hangs in the balance. I plan to dream some more about being nude on a Mexican beach again tonight!

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